About Us

We’re a highly passionate team, coming together with ideas from years of experience.

Teodor Sæther


After years of hanging out with the mountain goats in the vast Norwegian landscapes, he is for sure able to give you a wild and secure experience only the confident ones are able to. Just after being able to walk as a youngster, he ventured onto many different sports that have teached him lessons that makes him fit to guide others through tough conditions. 


He started his career as an educated technician specialising in security alarm systems for big companies where safety and precision was key to success. After a few years he changed path and became an operational manager for Scandinavias biggest climbing park where he felt confident handling the big responsibility that his position held . After gaining useful knowledge and skills from his job in the climbing park, he started working as a mountain guide. He loves the outdoors and connecting with people with all kind of backgrounds, he makes sure everyone feels a part of the group and that the experience is safely executed!


Aleksander Omtvedt


Aleksander is a seasoned mountain guide with a bachelor’s degree in outdoor life and physical activity, he brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to your adventure.

Furthermore, he has effectively finished a guiding program endorsed by Norway’s official outdoor institution, DNT.

Aleksander’s qualifications don’t stop there. He holds a degree as a healthcare worker, specializing in mental health, which adds an extra layer of safety and support to your journey. Beyond his guiding and healthcare expertise.

Driven by an unwavering passion for the outdoors and a deep desire to create unforgettable nature experiences for tourists, Aleksander is dedicated to sharing his love for nature by making it accessible to all. His mission is to ensure that your adventure becomes an unforgettable, lifelong memory.










“It takes two flints to make a fire.”

-Louisa May Alcott

Our Mission

In Norways stunning scenery and the small wonders of our world, there is so much beauty to be found. Our connection to nature is not just important; it is at the heart of who we are. Whether you are already feeling inspired or looking for more fulfillment, remember that our beautiful country is a boundless source of motivation, ready for you to enjoy.

Our Values

We use time to fine-tune the intentions behind our company so that it can be a part of an environmentally sustainable movement. Nature has a remarkable way of bringing out the best in us, and we are dedicated to taking you to places that we believe touch us at our very core. Our mission is to not only provide unforgettable travel experiences but also to inspire a deeper connection with the natural world.